Taro Motor,it is very important to know the right way to wash the motorcycle in Summer.
2019-10-22 13:48:12

In hot and high temerature summer,the most comfortable way is to eat cold watermelons in the air condition room.

However,the frequent thunderstorms always make your lovely motorcycle very dirty with muddy water,so we need to clean it frequently.


It is very important to know the right way to wash your motorcycle.

Try best to wash your motorcycle by yourself,as only you know the reality status of your lovely motorcycle.The car wash shop seems to have complete tools and qulified operation,somtimes for efficiency,they wash too fast and not get it clean as you want,the worst is to destroy the spark plug or short the circuit.

Before washing,the motorcycle must be in totally cold status.If suddenly use cold water to wash engine,exhaust gas pipe and other parts,according to the principle of expansion by heat and contraction by cold, it will destroy the oil seals of every parts and the oil will penetrate the engine.This is why many riders compain about it.Wrong operation will oxidate the galvanized layer which connect the exhaust pipe and engine exfoliated and rusted.

You’d better not use water to wash the headlights,left and right handlebars,electric switches,exhaust port,horn,spark plug,air filter,battery and other parts directly,as they contain circuits inside and too much water will cause the electric short or leakage,and easy to have troubles in light not work,speaker not sound,disable to launch,weak driving,so the good way is to wipe by towel.

You must to clean well the engine bottom and heat sink while washing, we suggest to use toothbrush with detergent,this cleaning way has the advantages of beautiful appearance and easy to find engine oil leakage.

Please use the dry towel to wipe every position of vehicle after washing end,especially for the electric switch,instrument,left and right handlebar,spark plug,tank cover and other parts,pay special attention to take down the cap of spark plug and shake off the water out of the upper sleeve,otherwise it will affect the ignition.

After drying, start the motorcycle,set up the side stand and idle for 5-10 minutes, drain the water from the exhaust pipe, and then drive on the road for a few minutes at a moderate speed or dry in the shade. Do not dry in the sun.

After cleaning, the shell can be sprayed with wax, rubbed evenly with a fine emery cloth, and the chain should be lubricated again.

Every time when it rains, attention to dry the motorcycle body when you back home,especially the exhaust pipe,nowadays the air pollution is serious and the rain water is acidic,that’ why most of the exhaust pipes are rotten early.

One step is very short beginning from our first sight.A Life is very long since we know each other and stay together.For the rest of my life,I only have you.Cherish starting from wahsing your lovely motorcycle  ~

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