Taro motor,GP-ONE,we will never stop maintaining it as time is never old.
2019-10-22 13:27:35
Wish the time is not old,we do not leave.
Prosperity ended,we will accompany with you despite sunset or fleeting time.
In Oct.2016,Chuangtai Vehicle Company officially presented the first new racing motorcycle GP-ONE in Chongqing Motorcycle Trade Expo which acquired independent intellectual property rights! After 19 years’ experience of innovation and accumulation,“Taro Motor” accumulated a lot and will walk from backstage to the front stage,then our stories are beginging from here.
From love at first sight to know each other well and stay together,
those can’t be last without your careful protection.

Today we will talk about how to maintain your GP-ONE.

Maintain before driving

①Check fuel tank,engine oil tank and oil for gearbox,add it if not enough.
②Check if oil leak in the part of fuel switch,gearbox,front&rear absorbers and others.
③Check the fasteners are screwing tight.
④Check the front and rear braking system are in good working condition.
⑤Check the front and rear tire pressure,inflate if not sufficient.
⑥Check the horn,turning lights,braking lights and headlights are working well.

Maintain in driving

①Stop to inspect immediately when you hear the engine noise,braking failure,tire leak or insufficient tire pressure and other unusual status happening. In case of accidents happening,don’t drive any more.
②Check the working status of front and rear braking system
③Check the working status of clutch.
④Check the working status of speedometer and tachometer.
⑤Check the working status of steering stem.
⑥Inspect all connecting bolts,nuts for main parts if screwed tight during your rest in halfway.
Maintain after driving

①Wash the motorcycle.
②Check if oil leak,tire leak,supplement the fuel,engine oil,braking liquid.
③Check all fasteners if loosed.
④If you don’t drive your motorcycle over 25days,set up the support bracket,pump the fuel empty,take off the battery and stock after charging.The battery should be charging once per month.
About changing the air filter for GP-ONE

The air filter should be maintained regularly,if driving in particularly wet and dusty areas,you should increase more times to maintain it.Remove the seat cushion and protection cover,remove the air filter cap,get the old filter element part out and replace the new one,then assemble the removed parts back.But we suggest to find a repair store to replace it.

About changing the engine oil for GP-ONE

Change the engine oil after cooling the motorcycle.Put an empty vessel under the engine,remove the lid of filter net,get the spring and filter net out,drain engine oil from the tank,then wash the filter net and put it back after cleaning,screw tight the lid,incline the engine for 2~3hours,wait till the tank drain empty,then add 2.6L fresh engine oil to the tank.

The oil filter should be changed once changing the engine oil.You need a special tool to change the oil filter,so we suggest to maintain it in a repair store.

The above example model is our GP-ONE which approved State IV emission standard,the maintenance parts including plastic disassembly are not easy,so we suggest you to find a repair store dealing with it in order to avoid misassembly and damage.

The text, graphics and parameters described in this paper are for reference only. They may not be in conformity with the real vehicle due to technology changes. Please refer to the real vehicle.,Zhejiang Chuangtai Motorcycle Co., Ltd. reserves the right of final interpretation.

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